Plasmaline & Plasmaline-NG (microwave SWP and MVP)

Lukas Alberts, Nagoya University

* 2Daxisym-plasm... is a model of the so-called Plasmaline (E. Raeuchle,
it is running a 70 Pa Argon at 500W and 2,45GHz but only on a single side input.
* finger-upload is the single sided version.
* basic-mwp-lineNG is the a version of the plasmaline invented here in Nagoya (MVP here, or Plasmaline NextGeneration for me) which omits the quartz tube but therefore need a DC-sheath space. (it shows the expected behaviour but the chemistry has no metastables)
*MVP16 is my last model. It is converging but sometimes needs a long time, you can find out steady-state by monitoring the check-plot. It needs the right mobility values to get closer to reality and the sputtering effects.

The models do not reproduce reality. Depending on which rate constant description I rely on, the power loss structure is very different (xsec-tables or townsend look-up).
I need help on setting the right chemistry and mobilities..
What is also missing is the sputtering effects of the DC voltage.
The plasma color is definitively not the color of a pure Argon plasma but a lot of metal ions are present (10E15 to my extrapolation).

need to solve the BE for giving the models the right mobility coefficients..
looking for co-authors for a journal paper.

User Comments

Ruifeng Sun
Oct 30, 2013 at 8:52am UTC

more than 4 days???The CPU of your computer can bear it???when the calculation of the simulation is very solw,what i always do is to abort the solve.

Lukas Alberts
Entry submitter
Jan 20, 2014 at 5:08am UTC

yes, I agree, most of the time it is useless to continue calculating.
I would be happy to have a nitrogen plasma model?

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