European COMSOL Conference put SpaceClaim and Wenger Engineering in the Sponsor Spotlight

Phil Kinnane October 12, 2012
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On October 10th, the COMSOL Conference transitioned over from the United States to Europe, and I followed along. The big news from our conference in Milan is that over 350 people turned out for the first day alone, and around 100 more over the following days. Something else that struck me was that the facilities for the European COMSOL Conference were quite spectacular. The hotel in Milan was of an antique style, with large paintings that deck the walls of the two main halls. This provided a nice back-drop to our Sponsor Spotlight presentation.

European COMSOL Conference shines the Spotlight on Sponsors

In one of these grand halls, the audience was treated to the “Sponsor Spotlight” where (as the name conveys) the spotlight was shone on two of our conference sponsors: SpaceClaim and Wenger Engineering. SpaceClaim sent their EMEA Channel Manager, Bruno Chollat, who gave a great presentation illustrating how they niche perfectly between the CAD tool and COMSOL Multiphysics. SpaceClaim can accept any CAD geometry, allow you to clean it up or simplify it for simulation, and then bring it into COMSOL. Their intuitive Pull, Move, Fill, and Combine tools help even the most novice modeler create geometries within a matter of days.

David Wenger and Wenger Engineering became our first Certified Consultants in Germany in 2009. During the Panel Discussion, Wenger stated that “business is booming”, and they can’t hire engineers fast enough. Both sponsors commented on the newly released LiveLink™ for Excel®, agreeing that they meet a lot of Excel® users that would be willing to take the next step into advanced simulation. “When they can’t do it with Excel®”, Wenger said, “they come to us, and we use COMSOL”.


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