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Brad Perfect Brad Perfect 3D fluid flow in a pipe
3d , Fluid Flow , Heat Transfer , 5.2
5,249 7 44 minutes ago
Julia Quindlen Julia Quindlen Viscoelasticity - standard linear solid 8 0 1 hour ago
Laurence Hutton-Smith Laurence Hutton-Smith COMSOL won't solve the the diffusion equation in axisymmetric using coefficient form PDE
Axisymmetric , diffusion equation
26 2 2 hours ago
Daniel Barna Daniel Barna How to 'continue' a parametric sweep in case of a problem?
parametric sweep , 5.2a
275 8 3 hours ago
Hamdoun Sabrina Hamdoun Sabrina electron density and ionisation degree in dc discharge
5.2 , Plasma Module
56 1 4 hours ago
Christian Wild Christian Wild Cumulative sum along an axis 23 1 5 hours ago
Carmen Solanes Galbis Carmen Solanes Galbis Electric field doesn't change when changing the material parameters
4.2 , AC/DC Module
26 1 5 hours ago
Tommaso Santagata Tommaso Santagata Unsaturated flow with dry initial condition
Porous Media , Earth Science Module , Solving
37 1 5 hours ago
Sara Mehrad Sara Mehrad Particle Tracking module 22 0 6 hours ago
Onyeabo Ekwenmuo Onyeabo Ekwenmuo Error message
39 2 7 hours ago
Luat Vuong Luat Vuong Comsol and the Intel Xeon Phi
Hardware , Solving
1,358 2 8 hours ago
Sultan Mahmud Sultan Mahmud Heat Transfer
18 0 9 hours ago
Muhammad Shahid Manzoor Muhammad Shahid Manzoor Flux over time Graph /Plot
4.4 , Fluid Flow , Microfluidics , Porous Media , Physics , Results and visualization , Earth Science Module
67 1 9 hours ago
DoWon Heo DoWon Heo 2D approximation plane stress condition
5.0 , 2D approximation
17 0 10 hours ago
Sultan Mahmud Sultan Mahmud Heat Transfer 4.4 10 0 10 hours ago
Guanlong Guo Guanlong Guo Define an anisotropic permeability for a porous media
anisotropic permeability
19 1 11 hours ago
Guanlong Guo Guanlong Guo How to cite the principal stress and the principal direction in model?
principle stress
24 1 11 hours ago
Mohamad Ghulam Mohamad Ghulam Using Collapse faces & Collapse edges for 3D Model
3D model , Aeroacoustics
12 0 13 hours ago
Craig Garvin Craig Garvin Decyphering 'Axis Vector' error 987 5 20 hours ago
Alejandro Piquero Alejandro Piquero Induction and Joule Heating coupling within a Conjugate Heat Transfer problem concerning a power transformer
5.2a , AC/DC Module , Fluid Flow , Heat Transfer
27 0 21 hours ago
Florian Tomiak Florian Tomiak modelling cristallization rate (alpha)
5.2a , Materials and functions , Physics , Heat Transfer
38 1 22 hours ago
Pierre Carniato Pierre Carniato Domain Probe Use
Definitions and operators , 4.0a , 4.0
4,599 2 1 day ago
Federico Giai Pron Federico Giai Pron Two Phase Transport PEMFC
Solving , CFD , Fluid Flow , Chemical Reaction Engineering , Fuel Cells , Batteries , Porous Media
30 0 1 day ago
Tarun Singh Tarun Singh how to add rock mass joint set in comsol
Slope Stability , 5.2a , 5.2 , 4.3 , Physics , Structural Mechanics
31 0 2 days ago
Houari Cobas Houari Cobas About general projection orlinear projection
Results and visualization
1,074 1 2 days ago

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