New Features in COMSOL Multiphysics® Version 5.5

February 13, 2020 San Jose, California9:30 AM - 12:00 PM

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You are invited to join us for an opportunity to advance your skills in multiphysics simulation. Join us to get a close look at the highlights in COMSOL Multiphysics® version 5.5. We will present important performance improvements and new modeling tools, including the new sketching tools for drawings in 2D and 3D work planes, constraints and dimensions with the Design Module, and two new modules.

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Version 5.5 Release Highlights:

Core Functionality

  • New sketching tools for easier creation of 2D drawings
  • Dimensions and constraints for drawings with the Design Module
  • Customize the Graphics toolbar
  • Custom gradient between two colors in plots
  • Animation of points and arrows for streamline plots
  • Create your own add-ins for customizing the Model Builder workflow
  • Context menu in the Graphics window


  • Piezoelectric and dielectric shells
  • New Lorentz Force feature
  • New specific absorption rate (SAR) calculation feature
  • Full-wave electromagnetics to ray optics coupling

Structural Mechanics and Acoustics

  • Mechanical contact for shells, composites, and membranes
  • Plasticity and other nonlinear material models for shells and composites
  • Nonisothermal fluid-structure interaction (FSI

Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer

  • New product: Porous Media Flow Module
  • New product: Metal Processing Module
  • Lumped thermal systems circuit equivalents


  • Generate materials and Chemistry interfaces from the thermodynamics database
  • Electrochemical reactions in the Chemistry interface
  • Predefined Short Circuit feature for lumped battery simulations


  • Built-in tools for shape optimization
  • Associative geometry import
  • Export to IGES and STEP CAD formats

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Workshop Details


Hyatt House San Jose/Silicon Valley
75 Headquarters Drive
San Jose, California 95134

Complimentary self parking.


Mranal Jain

Mranal Jain has been with COMSOL since 2013 and currently leads the applications team in the Los Altos, CA office. He studied microfluidics and electrokinetic transport, while pursuing his PhD in chemical engineering at the University of Alberta, Edmonton.