Modeling the Lithium-Ion Battery

Phil Kinnane March 20, 2012
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A great resource has just been produced for those interested in Lithium-ion battery technology. A white paper that describes how these can be modeled is available to download here.

Lithium-Ion Battery Cooling, COMSOL Multiphysics

COMSOL’s Program Manager for Electrochemistry, Henrik Ekström, and battery specialist Andreas Nyman from Intertek has put together a thorough description of the applications and different physics that should be modeled within lithium-ion battery design. This includes a discussion of the benefits of modeling and simulations in the design, selection, and operation of battery systems during charge and discharge cycles, as well as how their overheating can be controlled.

A COMSOL certified consultant, Intertek Semko is a global provider of quality and safety solutions, including testing and expert advisory services in the field of batteries and fuel cells. We are truly pleased to be able to collaborate with Andreas in the production and release of this comprehensive white paper.


  1. Aissani Aek April 20, 2012   2:20 pm

    j’ai l’honneur de vous demander qlqes informations sur la simulation de la corrosion localisée en utilisant comsolmultiphysics.

  2. Phil Kinnane April 23, 2012   11:46 am

    Hi Aissani,

    We’re actually running a training course on Corrosion in Burlington, MA next month (see: But if you can’t make this, then you’re more than welcome to contact your sales rep.


  3. Aissani Aek December 23, 2012   10:59 am

    bjr ,monsieur phil
    je suis débutant de logiciel comsol , comment modelé phénomene de la corrosion localisée en 2D , j’utilise l’equation de nernst planck mais j’ai des problemes concernant les bounderies conditions et l’équztion de tafel ,merci

  4. Phil Kinnane December 26, 2012   8:48 am

    Hi Aissani,

    The Tafel Equation is available as a bopundary condition and is easily manipulated in the Corrosion Module. The example “Galvanized Nail”, in the Corrosion Module’s Model Library shows it being used. If you don’t have this module, then it may be more difficult to define. I suggest you contact support (, who may be able to help you.

  5. Rakesh Elango October 5, 2015   1:11 pm

    Hello,I want to model concentration cells with 3 domains.Please can you help me.

  6. Phil Kinnane October 6, 2015   2:41 pm

    Hi Rakesh,

    I’m not sure what you mean by concentration cells. But if you are to be a bit more explicit, and send your request through:, then COMSOL has a team of experts in battery modeling that will be able to help you.

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