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COMSOL Multiphysics®
Module AC/DC
Module Acoustics
Module Battery Design
Module CFD
Module Chemical Reaction Engineering
Module Composite Materials
Module Corrosion
Module Electrochemistry
Module Electrodeposition
Module Fatigue
Module Fuel Cell & Electrolyzer
Module Geomechanics
Module Heat Transfer
Module Liquid & Gas Properties
Module MEMS
Module Metal Processing
Module Microfluidics
Module Mixer
Module Molecular Flow
Module Multibody Dynamics
Module Nonlinear Structural Materials
Module Optimization
Module Particle Tracing
Module Pipe Flow
Module Plasma
Module Polymer Flow
Module Porous Media Flow
Module RF
Module Ray Optics
Module Rotordynamics
Module Semiconductor
Module Structural Mechanics
Module Subsurface Flow
Module Uncertainty Quantification
Module Wave Optics
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Physics Interfaces and Study Types
ExpandCharged Particle Tracing
ExpandElectric Currents in (Layered) Shells
ExpandElectric Currents with Current Conservation
ExpandElectric Currents, Single Layer Shell
ExpandElectrical Circuit
ExpandElectrostatics with Charge Conservation
ExpandElectrostatics, Boundary Elements
ExpandMagnetic and Electric Fields
ExpandMagnetic Field Formulation
ExpandMagnetic Fields
ExpandMagnetic Fields, Currents Only
ExpandMagnetic Fields, No Currents
ExpandMagnetic Fields, No Currents, Boundary Elements
ExpandRotating Machinery in 2D and 3D, Magnetic
Boundary Conditions
Circuit Terminal
Contact Impedance
Dielectric Shielding
Distributed Capacitance
Distributed Impedance
Distributed Resistance
Electric Shielding
Electrical Contact
Layered Transition Boundary Condition
Lumped Port
Periodic Boundary Condition
Periodic Pair
Sector Symmetry
Surface Charge Accumulation
Surface Impedance
Symmetry Plane
Thin Low Permeability Gap
Transition Boundary Condition
ExpandCoil Excitation in 2D, Axisymmetry, and 3D
ExpandFloating Potential
ExpandFundamental Magnetic Boundary Conditions
ExpandFundamental Voltage and Current Boundary Conditions
ExpandMagnetic Shielding
Edge and Point Conditions
Edge Circuit Terminal (cylindrical electrodes)
Edge Floating Potential (cylindrical electrodes)
Edge Potential and Ground (cylindrical electrodes)
Edge/Line and Point Currents and Charges
Electric Point Dipole
Magnetic Point Dipole
Electrical Circuit
Battery Open Circuit Voltage
Export of SPICE Netlist
Import of SPICE Netlist
Linear Passive Circuit Element
Nonlinear & Active Circuit Element
Resistor-Capacitor Couple
Voltage and Current Source
Lumped Parameters
S, Y and Z parameter conversions
Touchstone File Export
ExpandCapacitance, Impedance and Admittance Matrix Calculation
ExpandInductance Matrix Calculation
ExpandS-Parameter Matrix Calculation
Material Library
ExpandNonlinear Magnetic
Part Libraries
Homogenized Multiturn Coils
Magnetic Cores
Single Conductor Coils
Particle Tracing
ExpandBoundary Conditions
ExpandParticle Properties and Forces
ExpandParticle Release
Predefined Multiphysics Couplings
ExpandBoundary Electric Potential Coupling (FEM/BEM)
ExpandBoundary Magnetic Potential Coupling (FEM/BEM)
ExpandLorentz Coupling
Predefined Multiphysics Interfaces
ExpandElectromechanics, Boundary Elements
ExpandInduction Heating
ExpandJoule Heating
ExpandJoule Heating and Thermal Expansion
ExpandMagnetomechanics, No Currents2
ExpandNonlinear Magnetostriction3
ExpandParticle Field Interaction, Non-Relativistic
ExpandParticle Field Interaction, Relativistic1
ExpandPiezoelectricity, Layered Shell
ExpandPiezoresistivity, Boundary Currents
ExpandPiezoresistivity, Domain Currents
ExpandPiezoresistivity, Shell1
Results and Visualization
2D Histogram
Intersection Point 2D (data set)
Intersection Point 3D (data set)
Particle (data set)
Particle (plot)
Particle Bin (data set)
Particle Evaluation
Particle Trajectories
Phase Portrait
Poincaré Map
ExpandSmith (plot)
Volumetric Domain Properties
1D, 2D, Axisymmetric, and 3D Formulations
Arkkio Torque Calculation
Charge Conservation, Ferroelectric4
Circuit Terminal
Debye Dispersion Models for Dielectrics
Electric Force and Torque
Electric Infinite Domain Modeling with Infinite Elements
Electromagnetic Force and Torque
Gauge Fixing for the Magnetic Vector Potential
Loss Calculation (Steinmetz, Bertotti)
Magnetic Infinite Domain Modeling with Infinite Elements
Prescribed Rotation
Prescribed Rotational Velocity
Reduced Field Formulation for Magnetic Fields
RLC Coil Group in 2D and Axisymmetry
Space Charge Density
ExpandCharge Conservation
ExpandCharge Conservation, Piezoelectric
ExpandCoil Excitation in 2D, Axisymmetry, and 3D
ExpandCurrent Conservation
Constitutive Relations
Anisotropic Materials
B-H Curve
Constitutive Relationships for Magnetic Fields, 3D
Effective Media and Mixture Materials
Electric Conductivity
Fundamental Constitutive Relations
Linearized Resistivity
Lorentz Velocity, 3D
Lorentz Velocity. 2D
Magnetic Losses
Nonlinear Permanent Magnet
Relative Permeability
Relative Permittivity
Remanent Displacement
Remanent Flux Density
Vector Hysteresis, Jiles-Atherton Model


Physics Interfaces and Study Types
Acoustic Streaming
ExpandAcoustic Streaming for Pressure Acoustics
ExpandAcoustic Streaming for Thermoviscous Acoustics
Acoustic–Structure Interaction
ExpandAcoustic–Piezoelectric Interaction, Frequency Domain
ExpandAcoustic–Piezoelectric Interaction, Transient
ExpandAcoustic–Poroelastic Waves Interaction