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Are you in your final year of your Master studies at a Swedish university or campus where you are aiming to get a degree in computer science, applied mathematics, engineering physics, or similar? The Math and Computer Science team at the COMSOL office in Stockholm is looking for driven and open-minded students with a strong interest in mathematics and algorithm development and with experience in C++ and Java programming.


COMSOL is the leading innovator of multiphysics software for research and development (R&D). Our products are continuously pushing the boundaries of computer-aided engineering (CAE), so that our customers can solve challenging science and engineering problems and develop better products, faster.

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To meet the increasing interest in simulation on biomedical models and biometrics we are improving our capabilities to handle these types of geometries, and make it possible to combine traditional CAD based geometries with scanned biological parts.

Project: Smoothness Properties of Discrete Surfaces

The output of many 3D scanning procedures, such as a computed tomography (CT) scan, is a discrete surface, described by a triangulation. Depending on what software is used to produce the surface, it may contain noise and geometrical defects. Efficient finite element computations on geometries defined by such surfaces require automated geometrical analysis and processing.

This project aims at investigating and evaluating various smoothness or roughness measures for such triangulated surfaces. This involves literature studies and practical experiments; by implementing and testing the measures.

Once a measure of smoothness is implemented, a next step is to try to use it to make surfaces smoother, a kind of optimization, which has to be balances smoothness with the requirement of preserving the shape and significant details.

There are also other related aspects. Given a discrete surface there are ways of approximating curvature and derivatives (though there is certainly not a unique way to do this). The project could also include an investigation of how improved smoothness of the triangulation relates to such calculations.

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Please contact Erik Melin,, 08-412 95 00.

Please attach your university grades to your application.

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Job title Master Thesis Students
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