White Paper: Bridging the Terahertz Gap

Technologies that use terahertz radiation show promise in various areas, including noncontact package inspection, imaging, and quality assurance. However, this technology remains largely underused and untapped due to the challenges posed by the terahertz spectrum's hybrid nature: on the electromagnetic spectrum, the terahertz spectral range lies between the microwave and the far-infrared ranges. Modeling and simulation offers a way to accelerate the design of components for terahertz-based systems, unlocking the possibilities of this spectral range.

This free white paper provides an introduction to the terahertz gap, key properties of terahertz radiation and the technological possibilities they inspire, the challenges of leveraging the terahertz region, progress in terahertz technology, and how multiphysics simulation can be used to optimize terahertz absorbers.

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