Reducing the Magnetic Signature of a Submarine

Lipeng Liu March 7, 2019

Ships and submarines can be detected by enemy defense systems due to their magnetic signatures. Therefore, numerical analysis of the magnetic signature is of great importance in the design and operation of such vessels. However, the sheet metal used for construction is thin compared to the dimensions of the vessel, which makes the standard finite element approach with volume meshing inefficient. This blog post discusses a way to speed up the computation using a simple submarine example.

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Lipeng Liu October 12, 2018

Using the Numeric Port feature, available in the COMSOL Multiphysics® software with the add-on RF Module, the mode of a port with an arbitrary shape can be computed numerically via a boundary mode analysis. By adding a Frequency Domain or an Adaptive Frequency Sweep study, the S-Parameter and Smith plots can be obtained. The numeric port also enables us to calculate the characteristic impedance of transmission lines operating in the transverse electromagnetic (TEM) mode.

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