How can I avoid electromagnetic waves entering from the sides?

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Hello to all

I'm failing in simulating the fresnel equations in 2D as a small exercise with Comsol.

As you can see in the model added to this post, the reflectance and transmission in the global plots both for TE-waves ("Port, senkrecht polarisiert", Plot "Reflektion und Transimission, senkrecht") and TM-waves ("Port, paralell poralisiert", Plot "Reflektion und Transmission, paralell") seems to be correct for small angles of alpha. But for bigger angles of alpha, the simulated values differ strongly from the analytical solutions. I suspect that the wave from the upper port is also entering from the sides of the dielectica (side 1 and 6), since we have also an electrical field in the dielectrica for alpha equals 90 degrees. How can I avoid the electromagnetic wave entering from the sides 1 and 6?

I would be very happy about every help in this problem! Best wishes M.Stucki


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