Material constants in user-defined functions for material properties

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I am trying to create my own material property by adding an analytical function. This is a function of one input argument (frequency), but it contains several material constants.

I was hoping to use "local properties" table in the corresponding material settings to create my own local parameters. So that my function could be neatly written e.g. like


instead of


And according to the "Materials Library User Guide":

"These local properties are useful for parameterizing functions that describe material properties if they contain inputs other than those that are model inputs"

However, it looks like the analytical function I am creating has no access to the "local properties". For instance, if I try to plot this function, Comsol gives me the error "Failed to evaluate variable: -Variable: A", even though A is defined as a local property.

What am I doing wrong?


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Hello Andriy Gorbach

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