An Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication Model Considering Surface Roughness and Mixed Friction

J. Moder [1], F. Grün [1],
[1] Chair of Mechanical Engineering, Montanuniversität, Leoben, Austria
Published in 2016

Highly loaded lubricated machine elements such as gears or camshafts are an integral part in a wide variety of technical products. Due to higher efficiency requirements these machine elements have to be improved continuously, which leads to the necessity to investigate physical phenomena taking in place in the contact zone. Because of very low film thicknesses the surface microstructure plays an important role. High stress concentrations can occur and cause failure of the system. An EHD model which considers the microstructure of surfaces has been developed. Stress concentration factors are computed in order to evaluate the suitability of different surface finishing processes for highly loaded contacts.