Design and Simulation of a Nano-Wire Based Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor

S. A. Selvin, N. B. Moorthy, G. Anju, and M. Alagappan
PSG College of Technology
Tamil Nadu, India

This paper chalks out the design and performance of a piezo resistive surface micro machined circular diaphragm based pressure sensor. A structural deformation in the piezo resistive nano structure placed above the diaphragm will result in varied current density, which is in direct accordance with the applied pressure. This effect relies on the principle of piezo resistivity and employing a nano structure results in increased sensitivity of the sensor.

The simulated results can optimize the design parameters such as diaphragm and nanostructure dimensions, for a variegated operating range of pressure and sensitivity. This paper also briefs out the micro fabrication strategy for such systems, which can be employed for a wide variety of highly sensitive and immense pressure sensing applications like hydraulic systems and automation units in industries.