Fluid Coupling Effects Of An Array Of Oscillators Vibrating In Close Proximity To A Solid Surface

A. K. Manickavasagam [1]
[1] University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Published in 2015

High speed non-contact Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) comprising a single cantilever beam is used to track the motion of live-cells as it ensures no damage to soft biological samples [1]. PRONANO arrays [2] consisting of multiple cantilever beams have been used to achieve faster scan rates. However, the technology has not been established for fluids yet, in which the biological samples are preserved. AFM comprises of a micro-cantilever beam with a fine tip which is raster scanned over the sample surface to obtain high resolution images at atomic scale. Hence, in an initial investigation we study the fluid flow between cantilevers at their tips which reduces our initial investigation to studying the fluid flow of rectangular cross-sectional plates vibrating in a two-dimensional plane.