Modeling and Simulation of Drug Release Through Polymer Hydrogels

V. Runkana[1], S. Maheshwari[1], S. Cherlo[1], RSR Thavva[1]
[1]Tata Research Development and Design Centre, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd., Pune, Maharashtra, India
Published in 2013

Polymer hydrogels are commonly used as carriers or vehicles for the controlled release of drugs, primarily because of their bio-compatibility and because rates of drug release can be controlled by manipulating polymer properties like molecular weight, cross linking ratio, etc. Drugs can be released for prolonged periods of time through polymer hydrogels [1, 2]. Sustained drug release may eliminate side effects and repeated dose of drug by injection, and thus increase the quality of life of patients. We have carried out simulation studies using COMSOL Multiphysics® to predict the rates of swelling and drug release as functions of polymer properties and system variables. The model is generic and will be useful for the design of polymer hydrogels for the controlled release of different drug molecules.