Modeling of Vibrating Atomic Force Microscope´s Cantilever within Different Frames of Reference

E. Kamau, and F. Voigt
University of Oldenburg, Germany
Published in 2008

Cantilever vibration modes were simulated with COMSOL Multiphysics. In the 1st approach the model consisted of an excitation piezo, a holder plate and a chip where the cantilever was mounted on. A sinusoidal voltage signal was applied to the piezo in the simulation, which resulted in movements of the holder plate and finally led to the excitation of the cantilever. In the 2nd approach the model consisted only in a holder plate and the chip with the cantilever. The cantilever chip was examined in an accelerated coordinate system, in which the sinusoidally excited chip remained at rest. The advantage of the 2{sup}nd approach is its superior simplicity, which results in shorter processing time and lower calculation burden.