Using Simulations to Evaluate the Proper Conditions of the in Vitro Culture of Bone Tissue

A. Kahlig[1], J. Hansmann[1], H. Walles[2], and T. Hirth[1]
[1]University Stuttgart, Institute for Interfacial Engineering, Stuttgart, Germany
[2]Fraunhofer-Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology (IGB), Stuttgart, Germany
Published in 2011

For the development of bioreactor systems, it is reasonable to develop working simulations, to avoid a lot \"trial-and-error\" experiments. Our research goal is the creation of functioning bone grafts for transplantation. Therefore stem cells get homogenously seeded into porous ceramic scaffolds.

To evaluate the needed parameters, like perfusion pressure or the mechanical deformation of the scaffold, we use different simulations to calculate the wanted parameters, important for future experiments. Therefor we performed fluid simulations on macroscopic and microscopic scale to predict the physical conditions and the needed stimuli for the cells in culture and to design a bioreactor.