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Implementation of an Active Fluid Cooling Design in a 48 V High-Power Battery Module

Z. Wu [1], A. Stawarski [2], H. Kemper [2],
[1] Energy Storage Systems, FH Aachen - University of Applied Sciences, Aachen, Germany; RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, Germany
[2] Energy Storage Systems, FH Aachen - University of Applied Sciences, Aachen, Germany

Individual batteries have their own operational temperature ranges, which shall be respected to avoid both damaging of the cells and shortening of the cycle life. In terms of the Li-Ion cells, many of them do not function well at higher temperatures. Therefore, a better understanding of ... En Savoir Plus

Multiphysics Simulation of Micro-Thermoelectric Generators Based on Power Factor Optimized Materials

V. Barati [1], H. Reith [1], G. Li [1], D. A. Lara Ramos [1], G. Schierning [1], K. Nielsch [1],
[1] Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Material Research, Dresden, Germany

Thermoelectric generators (TEGs) which convert heat into electrical energy due to Seebeck effect, have recently attracted a great attention as green and sustainable energy sources. One of the challenges in the field of thermoelectric devices is the design optimization in order to make ... En Savoir Plus

Towards Multiscale Models for Bioimpedance of Human Skin with COMSOL Multiphysics

Karl Erik Birgersson [1],
[1] National University of Singapore, Singapore

Mechanistic mathematical modeling for electrical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) of human skin involves not only the equation of change for the alternating current from and to the electrodes of the EIS probe but also the spatial resolution of the various skin layers and their material ... En Savoir Plus

Conjugate Heat Transfer Simulation of Argon Gas Heater for ARPS in Pyroprocessing Facility

Sourabh Agarwal [1], K. Revathy [1], A.S Vipin [1], S.P Ruhela [1], B. Muralidharan [1], B.P Reddy [1],
[1] Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam, Tamil Nadu, India

PyroProcessing Research and Development Facility (PPRDF) is being setup in IGCAR to develop pyroprocessing technology. It consists of a large argon cell attached with Argon Recirculation and Purification System (ARPS). Once through Argon gas heater is an important process equipment in ... En Savoir Plus

Simulation of a Multicomponent Trace Gas Electric Swing Adsorption

C. Geitner [1],
[1] Fraunhofer institute, Oberhausen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Introduction: Electric swing adsorption is a promising technique for energy efficient gas cleaning and adsorbate recovery. Contrary to state of the art temperature swing and pressure swing adsorption, one can control the mass flow independently of the heat flow for desorption in an ... En Savoir Plus

Tunable Flat-Plate Absorber Design for Active Sound Absorption

R. Boulandet [1], K. O. Bjornsson [1], H. Lissek [1],
[1] Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland

Noise reduction at low frequencies is a major issue in many workspaces and indoor public places. Unlike mid- and high-frequency noise, low frequency noise is less attenuated by using conventional sound absorbing materials. This communication proposes an electro-mechano-acoustic absorber ... En Savoir Plus

Electromagnetic Design of an RF-Coil Transceiver for NQR-Based Explosive Detection

P. Farantatos [1], J. Barras [1], I. Poplett [1], P. Kosmas [1],
[1] King's College London, UK

In the humanitarian demining setting, it is crucial to detect landmines with reliable sensing performance. As Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance (NQR) is an effective method for detecting explosive materials, our group is currently developing the world’s first low-cost system for anti-vehicle ... En Savoir Plus


向斌 [1], 江露 [1], 周洋 [1], 王佳宁 [1]
[1] 重庆大学化学化工学院,重庆,中国

引言:钢结构设备的防腐保护主要采用阴极保护和涂层保护。其中,涂层保护除了防腐同时具备防红外、降温等特殊性能。 此次模拟,通过 COMSOL Multiphysics® 模拟设备在裸钢和 SiO2@ATO 涂层状态下的表面电位分布,证实了 SiO2@ATO 涂层的防腐性和抗红外及降温性能,并验证了 COMSOL Multiphysics® 数值模拟碳钢腐蚀表面电位分布的可靠性。 模拟过程中,假设电解质电导率为常数,阳极的各参数(尺寸、成分、分布等)保持不变。 计算方法:使用“二次电流分布”接口描述电极反应,“稀物质传递”接口描述亚铁离子输运,采用瞬态研究。参数: 1)温度 ... En Savoir Plus

基于光响应主客体相互作用及 pH 调控的“即插即用”纳流二极管

X.-Y. Kong [1], Pei Liu [2], Pei Li [3], Congcong Zhu [2],
[1] 中科院理化所,北京,北京,中国
[2] 中科院理化所
[3] 北京航空航天大学

生命体系中,位于细胞上的各种离子通道精妙的调控着各种生理生化过程。以此为原型,各种各样的仿生纳米体系也被相继开发,其中,纳流二极管研究领域更是发展迅猛。然而,现有的关于纳流二极管的研究都是通过 pH,电压等外界刺激改变表面固定功能基团的电荷类型从而调节纳流二极管的方向,这大大限制了纳流二极管功能的调控自由度。于是,我们制造了一种通过光响应的同时可以进行 pH 调节的“即插即用”双向纳流二极管。该体系基于聚合物单纳米通道,通过化学接枝,利用光响应主客体作用原理实现“即插即用”功能。通过实验实现了实验设计,并利用理论模拟进行仿真分析。模拟过程使用 COMSOL ... En Savoir Plus

COMSOL in a New Tensorial Formulation of Non-Isothermal Poroelasticity

A. Mario-Cesar Suarez[1], and V. Fernando Samaniego[2]

[1]Faculty of Sciences, Michoacan University, Morelia, Mich., Mexico
[2]Faculty of Engineering, National University of Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico

The presence of a moving fluid in a porous rock modifies its mechanical response. Poroelasticity explains how the fluid inside the pores bears a portion of the total load supported by the rock. The remaining part of the load is supported by the elastic skeleton, which contains a laminar ... En Savoir Plus