An Antenna on a Button

Phil Kinnane February 24, 2012
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Reading, I came across this story about miniaturizing antennas for smaller wireless devices. Apparently, the size of the antenna often limits the size of the wireless device – so let’s make those antennas smaller. The article is about a group from the University of Michigan who achieves this by using a hemispherical substrate with a spiraling antenna taking advantage of the volume that the hemisphere provides.

RF Modeling

Not having seen an example of this in COMSOL’s model suite, I went to our RF guy, Jiyoun, and asked him if it could be built. Jiyoun’s been doing heaps of RF modeling lately, but I hadn’t seen an antenna on a button pass my way.

COMSOL Model of Hemisphere Antenna

It seems as though Jiyoun had the same problem as the manufacturers; it’s pretty difficult to create that spirally-pattern on the hemisphere. Yet, two hours later he had produced a model. Good stuff Jiyoun!

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  1. mugada satyaprakash September 28, 2016   3:16 am

    please instalation process of comsol

  2. Bridget Cunningham September 29, 2016   11:04 am


    Thank you for your comment.

    Please reach out to your sales representative for further information about the installation process.


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