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Allen-Cahn (nonlinear reaction diffusion) Equation

Huashan Sheng (盛华山), Department of Mathematica Shanghai JiaoTong University (上海交通大学数学系)
Last updated: April 28, 2015

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The Allen–Cahn equation ( John W. Cahn and Sam Allen) is a nonlinear reaction-diffusion equation of mathematical physics which describes the process of phase separation in iron alloys including...

Magnets attract each other

杰 周, 四川大学
Last updated: April 12, 2015

1 review

Magnets attract each other,it is very interesting!

2D wave equation

Dupinder Singh, Indian Institute of Geomagnetism
Last updated: March 24, 2015

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This is a simple model for beginners. 2D waves equations is solved on a rectangular region. An exponential (2D) perturbation is generated in the centre of the study region and its evolvement with...

The cup is leaking model

zhou jie, sichuan normol univeristy
Last updated: March 6, 2015

6 reviews

The cup is leaking model,It is very interesting.

Two axis Gimbal

George Roberts, Heriot Watt University
Last updated: February 19, 2015

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A two axis pendulum using a gimbal mechanism, rigid domains.

Influence of vessels on electroporation-based treatments of tumors

Marija Marcan, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Last updated: January 22, 2015

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Electroporation-based treatments rely on increasing the permeability of the cell membrane by high voltage electric pulses applied to tissue via electrodes. To ensure that the whole tumor is covered...

Plasmaline & Plasmaline-NG (microwave SWP and MVP)

Lukas Alberts, Nagoya University
Last updated: October 24, 2014

3 reviews

* 2Daxisym-plasm... is a model of the so-called Plasmaline (E. Raeuchle, it is running a 70 Pa Argon at 500W and...

Computation of Antenna Radiating Near-Fields

Robert Koslover, SARA, Inc.
Last updated: September 17, 2014

2 reviews

Calculation of radiating near-fields from aperture antennas, if obtained via brute-force 3D FE-based methods, is very computationally intensive. A better way is to limit the FE computation space...

Initial stress

Yellow, China University of Petroleum
Last updated: August 5, 2014

1 review

alternative solution The equilibrium theory of in situ stresses