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Bracket - Transient Analysis

Application ID: 10314

These models are used for an introduction to structural mechanics modeling using the structural mechanics module.

The following features are introduced:
- The Fundamentals: A Static Linear Analysis
- Parametric study
- Including Initial Strain
- Modeling Thermal Expansion
- Adding Rigid Connector
- Adding Spring Conditions
- Modeling with the Shell Physics Interface
- Transient Analysis
- Eigenfrequency Analysis
- Prestressed Eigenfrequency Analysis
- Frequency Response Analysis
- Prestressed Frequency Response Analysis
- A geometric non-linear problem: linear buckling modeling
- Modeling contact problems

This model is included as an example in the following products:

Structural Mechanics Module

The combination of COMSOL® products required to model your application depends on several factors and may include boundary conditions, material properties, physics interfaces, and part libraries. Particular functionality may be common to several products. To determine the right combination of products for your modeling needs, review the Grille de spécifications and make use of a free evaluation license. The COMSOL Sales and Support teams are available for answering any questions you may have regarding this.