LiveLink™ for MATLAB® Updates

For users of LiveLink™ for MATLAB®, COMSOL Multiphysics® software version 5.5 brings mphnavigator support for the properties and methods panels, updated mphgeom to plot work planes, and a new function called mphmeasure, which can be used to measure geometries. Browse all LiveLink™ for MATLAB® updates below.

Mphnavigator and Mphmodellibrary

In mphnavigator, a new feature Tools > copy code: loop has been added. This allows you to select a node in the model tree and copy code to the clipboard that can be used to loop through the children of the selected node. Together with the existing copy-to-clipboard functionality, it is possible to autogenerate code for many usage scenarios. Tools > Solutions show an improved overview of solutions, studies, and datasets, and it is faster than before.

mphmodellibrary now supports user-defined libraries. Such libraries must be added using COMSOL Desktop®.

The settings for mphnavigator showing the properties and methods for a busbar model.
Mphnavigator can be used to browse COMSOL® model settings. A new button has been added to the toolbar that updates the properties and methods panels.


It is possible to plot a single work plane as a 2D geometry using this syntax:

mphgeom(model, 'geom1', 'workplane', 'wp1')

Side-by-side windows showing the work plane and final geometry for a section of a generator model.
Work plane and final geometry in a 3D generator model.


It is now possible to measure entities in a geometry using the following syntax:


Depending on the entity, you can measure distances, areas, volumes, and more in a geometry.


mphplot and other plotting functions have improved support for plotting in windows created by the App Designer, which uses uiaxes objects for plotting as opposed to the regular axes objects in MATLAB® figures and user interfaces created by GUIDE.


This function now supports evaluation groups as well as tables to extract numerical data from a model.

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